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Full Name :   Trevin Fowler
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State :   Indiana
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Small But Feisty
sub-category : River & Stream Fishing
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After a half day of landing Rocky Mountain rainbows in one of my dad’s secret ponds surrounding Mirror Lake in Utah, he decided to take us sniping for Brook Trout.  Equipped with nothing more then a micro-light pole and a barbless hook and worm we began pressing through a small canyon wash.  The water flowing through it was nothing more then a glorified creek.  But every 40 to 50 feet there was a pool of water, not more then four or five feet wide.  Every one of the pools had a ‘dominant-buck’ of a brook trout just waiting to hit our worm.  My kids and I followed our Grumpa-guide for about a half-mile catching and releasing these feisty little high-mountain gems.  We had a blast.  We kept half a dozen.  These fry up and taste even better then the rainbows.  Fun times and great memories.
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